Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One comrade posted a question:
Indian Bank Kumar
Come out of shadow. Be not afraid. 
Reveal your identity and your objective. 
Others deserve to know it.

My reply:
Nothing to hide.
 I am also a bank employee like every one of you. 
but I am more interested in union activities.
 I am not a union  leader.
My objective is to pass on all the information
 I am reading/receiving( taken from websites of all unions) 
and also thro e-mail. .
I am answering doubts/queries raised by comrades 
with my little knowledge( read from settlements and various circulars.)  and my experience.
I am not posting anything without authencation.

Union websites serve one way communication only.

Comrades wants to express their view on various issues.
Hence I decided to start a platform for two way communication.
That is the birth of Indian Bank Kumar facebook page.
But I feel sorry to read comments from few comrades which are
without reading the history of trade union movement, 
without reading circulars, 
without attending union meetings, 
without attending dharnas/demos, 
without knowing Labour laws/provisions
ill conceived/motivated, 
with blind hate on unions, 
without giving any concrete alternative/suggestions, 
concerning only on salary and not on any other issue.

Just commenting on the spot without applying mind won't serve any purpose.
But I am allowing all the comments.
Some comrades take liberty, and post nasty comments.
That will only show their level of decency to others.

One point I want to tell all comrades is 
without union/unity you can't  achieve anything.

Like in any other sector, there may be good unionist and bad unionist/leader
 in our banking industry also.

To choose right union/leader is in our hands only.

Serving as a union functionery/leader is not so easy 
as many of you think.
It needs several sacrifises like denying promotion forever,
ready to travel throughout the state/nation leaving your family,
sacrifies his hard earned leave for others,
(only all India leaders are having minimum spl.leave, but union consists of more than 500 functioneris per bank,)
No sunday belongs to him, 
all his time is at the disposal of comrades,
always at target of management,
the list does not end here.
there are many many more qualities like shrewdness, decision taking capacity, negotiating skills,thorough knowledge in labour laws,
thorough knowledge about banking 
How many young comrades are ready to accept these challenges?   


Anonymous said...

Every one. Is ready but only when u include them in decision making and when u change system of getting levy as a percentage of salary arear.. It shud be percentage of increment gained and this percentage will go down every. Six months. After settlement is due

Anonymous said...

Yes it is correct sir

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog since more than one and half years.
U have been a gentleman Mr kumar.
This site is useful and informative.
U r doing a great work.
Few people post abusive language but they are fools. Its the UNION (UNITY) which shall prevail and will win us all a good wage revision and service conditions if we support them. We r with u.

Anonymous said...

People should understand that this is only a platform for putting our views in a sober manner and using bad language for Mr Kumar and Union leaders will not bring any good output to us.

Anonymous said...

Unputdownable.Mind blogging in real sense.

Balaji said...

1. How many leaders are ready to give up their prime posts, sit backside and groom youngsters, pls tell me.

2. I agree that the posts need huge sacrifices as mentioned by you. But, what were they doing from 1996 to 2010 when recruitments were not done, when 6th Pay commission was implemented and equal salary hikes were not given to Bank employees. I remember that Award staff union fought for Spl. Basic Pay as Officers got higher percentage settlement in one of the bps. Where has that militancy gone know to get decent / equal wages to bank comrades.

Anonymous said...

Sir you are right. Nobody youth comrades ready to take such stuff job

Prince Chauhan said...

I agree with you Mr. Bank Kumar...

Anonymous said...

Methods followed by old leaders are not effective today and old people are not ready to leave their ego in taking decisions.. Youth won't follow u blindly.. You have to sit and discuss with them and respect their opinions... Not just saying this the way you do and u r junior so u know nothing so just follow that won't go with today's youth

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly respect your comments.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kumar,

You are one of the old-gen comrades like me, just following union call.

we know pretty well how our union leaders grow themselves at the cost of us.

Days of sacrifice by leaders has gone. They have their own share in all aspects of bank benefits- promotions, directorships, collecting additional contributions etc.,

Union is launching pad for their promotions in the bank Now we witnessing a lot of them in higher executive cadres , by using their liaison in old days.
Name sake they are praising the young members, because their number is growing, but no leader is ready to accept the new-gen in activities.

In the changed computer age scenario, they are following the same old fashioned, junk agitation path and we are looser.

We have to give a chance to new-gen, who are doing miracles in different sectors with innovative ideas and we have to accept still they are not corrupted.



Jasu said...

100% correct. Mr. Kumar Do visit my site www.banknews-views.com i had a write up with regard to indefinite strike.