Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On May 23rd!

call for country wide demonstration
against privatisation move of RBI Panel(Nayak committee)
on May 23rd and not strike as reported in news channels and 
financial newspapers.

Date of demonstration changed from 21st to 23rd as some of the unions
In UFBU hesited to participate in the demonstration.

More light on Nayak Committee Report:

 Privatise the Public Sector Banks

 Government’s capital should be reduce to less than 50 % 
 Merger of Public Sector Banks 
 Design a new governance structure 
 Better compensation for Chairman and EDs 
 Keep PSBs out of CVC, RTI Act, etc. 
 Bank Investment Company should be created under 
Companies Act which will control the Banks 
 The CEO of BIC should be a private equity investment 
 Ownership of Banks should be transferred to this BIC 
 Government should not issue any regulatory 
instructions to Banks. 
 Bank Nationalisation Act should be repealed and 
Banks should be covered by Companies Act. 
 Ownership functions should be handed over by the 
Government to the BIC 
 Government should not appoint any Directors in the 
Banks. BIC will do that. 
 RBI Nominee Directors in the Banks should step down. 
 Voting rights should be increased to 26 % 


Anonymous said...

PSB/govt employees wants salary better than that of pvt banks, but without the same pressure and responsibility of a pvt bank

Anonymous said...

hello annonymous dont say anything like psb bank staff getting fat package and not doing work..if it is so i might not have resigned ma psb clerical job and rejected psb officer job to join a private bank....private banks r way better..psbs crush employee and dont giv salary..you join one psb and you will also leave the job soon

Unknown said...

we have two option
1.Be positive and hope better wage revision ............till retirement
2.Wait to Govt be positive on banker wage revision.........till Govt. retirement

Lets see what New Workaholic respected Modi govt do for banker who are the solder of our country economy
A comman banker

Anonymous said...

yaar yeh achha hai sala koi bhi chutiya report leke aayega aur hum uspe discuss karenge...who the hell this nayak is to decide our fate...nobody is talikng about the welfare of bank employees...wage revision...it's totally open corruption now...anarchy i would say...are we employees or animal heard for you guys...whatever you will decide we need to follow this is really bullshit happening in india these days...why don't ypu privatise ongc why not railways why not inidia airlines why not ministeres why not defence school colleges why not hospitals because anyways you guys don't want to serve people just rushing behind money....what the hell...what purpose you guys want to solve by privatization...which you are not able to do now....bjp had same privatisation policy when last time they sent to coffin...if they will continue with same i am telling they will never be able to revive...let us breath at least.

Anonymous said...

PSB Bank employees want better salary in tune with govt officials as the risk is more and officials are accountable. work pressure can not be counted by percentage,it varies from bank to bank. it is the work environment what the predecessors made. it cane be changed and leaders should have vision to show the path what their pvt bank officials do practically to get govt fund,retail business and support their officials. PSB officials are more responsible towards the people of india,for the development of society for the last 2 or 3 decades,not for profits only. so PSB officials should be paid handsome salary as banks' chief's salary is going to be handsome as it is a team work .

prem said...

Totally agree with u

Anonymous said...

to comment of 7:18 PM, just switch of your mobile at bank, your risk will be down by 50% and for the rest learn from pvt bank

Anonymous said...

None in this country knows, what business private banks are doing. How many big loans they have given and its terms.

It is the PSB's which takes a hit when it comes to big ticket loans. Talking about private sector banks, how many of us really know that these banks charges for simple not maintaining balances. One of the private sector banks, you have to keep 10 thousand as minimum balance and you have to pay charges "non operating charges" also.

The half educated indians along with media and few "biased" intellectuals are waiting for the PSB's to be cut off and chopped into pieces so that they can feed on these flesh.

Anonymous said...

What pvt bank do to get govt fund? They give commission to govt official and for ur information they don't even bother abt kcc and non frill a/c

Anonymous said...

Dear say any pvt bank to open branch at tehri garhwal uttarakhand mountain . Then its comes to survive not learning.