Friday, April 18, 2014

As a Bank employee, for whom we have to vote?

We are in the midst of the biggest event “GENERAL ELECTION” of the biggest democratic country.

Of the 11 major Bank employees unions except one or two,
 all the unions are affiliated to central trade unions of some political parties.

Some of the unions have issed circulars to vote (directly or indirectly)some political parties.

Leave it as it is.  As a Bank employee, for whom we have to vote?

You may vote in the  poll gadjet provided in this blog.

(if u want to vote through ur mobile go for desk-top version of the above blog)

(only bank employees are requested to vote. Others please excuse.)

Those employees want to post their comments pl. restrict to one line only since this is not a place for  political debate.


Unknown said...

Nobody from my constituency is eligible to get my vote.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

think, why leftist will be extinct?

Loadking said...

Bharitya Janata party.