Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Comrades!

Dear comrades,

From the status posted so far you might have come to a conclution that I am a blind supporter of Unions and will support and justify whatever unions do.
I wish to clarify, that I want the system of unionism and united struggle should not be derailed at any cost. Only being a member of union, and the protection given by labour laws (Hard earned by our forefathers) an employee is differentiated from a slave.

Some unions/union leaders may not be upto the mark, but not the system itself.
Loosing faith in union in no way affect the union leaders, but we will be the ultimate loosers.
Every employee will feel the necessity of union atleast once in his career.

Most of the comments about long hour working come from officer employees,
Unions for Officers can’t function so effectively like workmen union for various reasons.
I don’t want to discuss that aspect in this juncture as that will deviate from the present subject.

As I have mentioned in earlier occations, I have critisised/commented and showed my disatifaction
Even at the time of 9th bipartite talks on the following aspects,
1. When the % was about to decided at 14%, (but thereafter is was 17.5%)
2. When one of the unions backstabbed PF optees in case of revcovery for 2nd option for pension.
   (Senior comrades may understand)
3. When one of the unions projected the increase as 25% with distarted figures, I condemned that and described it as a cruel joke.

Even this time if any union/union leader tries to betray employees, I will be the first person to register my protest.
We elect leader with the hope that they have the capacity to take correct decision, will lead us in the right direction and will not compromise on employee’s rights and benefits.
Negotiations are going on; nothing is accepted by unions as on date.
As I have no right to command you, I appeal you, just follow the programmes announced and involve youselves in all activities of union, rest the unions will take care.
There are people who always find fault with every decision taken by unions and misleading comrades by rumours. Keep away fom those people.

As far non participation in demonstrations, comrades complained that they were not communicated properly. Union people at the zonal/circle level should take note of this aspect and rectify in future.

82% of the people who visits my facebook account is in the age of 18 to 34 .
Hence the comments posted by comrades may be taken as youngster’s opinion/expectations. I didn’t reply for each and every comment eventhough some needs correction, some based on roumors,some out of frustration,some out of not knowing the provisions/procedures etc.,

The following points emerge as major among others.

1. Wages should be at par with Govt. Employees.
2. As IBA denies respectful increase we should go for Pay commission like Govt. employees instead of Bi-partite settlement.
3. Banking sector should also work for 5 days a week.
4. UFBU is not fighting so vigorously, instead begging.
5. We should go for indefinite strike.

Whether these are all true/correct/practical/achievable?
I will post my views in the coming days.


Harish Kumar Singh said...

Dear periyasamy ji

It would be pleasure to see your comments regarding ques raised by u.
Let me make u vrry clear that just giving bank employees pay parity with central govt employees will do the 90% work.
Then 5days week.
Thats alllll

Anonymous said...

Am a new banker, a senior member in my branch encouraged me to join the union on the first day of joining.
He as well as other union members said only union will be supportive when there is any problem in workplace.
But sorry to say this, am worstly affected by these people.
Using their seniority, strong position in union and friendship with chest people, they are cheating me,
actually stealing my money in the name of shorts.
Higher officials are also aware of this, but no one is coming forward to help me.
If union leaders at this level are behaving so cheap, how new bankers will trust the union leaders at higher level.
One more info for you, these union people participated in the morning demonstration, same people also worked in bank's counters (counter in a big private institution)
in the afternoon,
they will get paid in the name of some allowance tomm.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Sir, thank you for addressing us. Sir all the demands mentioned in the post are so valid and just that we will definitely participate in indefinite strike if that is the last resort. But sir i want to add one more point in the agenda of strike and that is to dissolve IBA we do not require a body like that who is behaving like a broker of Chidamabaram and showing his bossy nature to give verdicts on our demands their job is to just put forward our demands to government effectively instead of advocating Biased and partial government. I promise will join union soon and i will fight till the time IBA gets dissolve.

Anonymous said...

Not just 90%. It is 100% done, when we succeed in fixing salary on par with central government employees (that too on par with 7th pay commission) and 5 day banking in a week


Not just 90%. It is 100% done, when we succeed in fixing salary on par with central government employees (that too on par with 7th pay commission) and 5 day banking in a week


Ofcourse besides this there are appointment based on compassionate grounds, expansion of private banks and FDI

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumar,
As per my understanding the unions are of no use for the PSB's. Every time they commit blunder. All bank employees should demand for pay commission similar to Public Sector Undertakings such as NTPC, BHEL, BEL and others.

Offlate the Bank unions are functioning to satisfy the person egos of representatives of the union.

Unknown said...

Hello sir thank u giving value things for banker i am also thinking that unions should bargain for wages it is not safe for upcoming employess they thing negitive about bank job . We work more and deal risky compare to any state & central employees . I support for indiminity strike to dissove problem

Anonymous said...

Sir, really explain us why we adopted bps....

actully we do not know ground reality behind Bps.

Unknown said...

Sir, I accept every point in your article. All the labour laws and facilities got by our forefathers have been flouted/neglected by the present day union leaders. In those days, the union leader will be helpful in all our problems and they will come down to our place and settle the problems. Nowadays, the union leaders have to be contacted only on a prior appointment or otherwise we have to put our problems to his so called deputies (just like our VATTAM, MAA VATTAM ETC IN POLITICS) but nothing get solved by them and they have no guts to talk to the bank' executives about out problems. More over, the present day union leaders are doing side businesses and have taken loans from their banks thro' the goodwill of executives. Totally, almost all the union leaders are defunct and not usable. Example: IBEU in INDIAN BANK.

Anonymous said...

Dear Periyaswamis'

I am not a new banker, i have spent 25 years in this industry and was a very active member of the union. but i donot accept your views.

The unions have such structure just like the communist party of india, where even Great Somnath Chatterjee was expelled just because he heard the voice of his heart.

All the union leaders have become so selfish today that even i hate talking of such leaders.

The unions have always cheated their cadre and have only done some work for their chamcha's

Had the unions followed secret ballot in selection of leaders, had the unions shown transparency in wage settlements then the story of banking industry would have been different.

Sorry to say that the strongest unions in India has not been able to achieve what the weakest unions in india have achieved in other industry