Thursday, January 3, 2013


UFBU has submitted charter of demands on 30.10.2012.
Two months has gone. Still negotiations are not started.
Reason quoted is “Still many banks have not sent their mandate to IBA to negotiate on their behalf with UFBU”.
In the mean time I wish to remind readers that last time Banks got 17.5% as wag revision. Even out this some crore of amount was set aside to SBI for compensating pension cost of PSBs.
Whereas LIC and GIC employees got 25 to 30% as wage increase.

This time UFBU demands 30% as wage hike.
Whereas LIC and GIC demands 40%

Are u interested in knowing the demands of LIC and GIC employees?
Then click the following links to read their demand.

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Anonymous said...

General insurance PSU staff also got 17.5% wage revision only for your kind information & not 30%.