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*****CURRENT NEWS******
Today In the afternoon discussions on other

demands of workmen and officers were discussed.
Next week negotiating committee meeting will be held
and pay scales etc will be discussed.
Today morning IBA & UFBU meeting took place
wherein all details of proposed new medical reimbursement scheme
was discussed.
Scheme will be finalized shortly.
For retirees also we have asked iba to workout
a similar scheme.

10.04.2015: Update on B.P.S.:
Sub committee meeting on medical reimbursement is scheduled
to be held on 16th April at 11.00 am.
Meeting with workmen unions will be held at 2.00 pm
(News from BEFI)
* 23.02.2015: Wage revision settled at 15%(4725 Cr.)
and 4th Saturdays will be Holidays.
Other Saturdays are full working day.
Four days strike deferred.
Detailed circular follows.

*Consumer Price Index number for Oct,Nov,and Dec. is 253.
0.34 point over average of last quarter.

Hence D.A from Feb 2015 to Apr.2015 is 734 slabs(+2slabs)
i.e 110.10% (+0.30%)
* Revised LFC encashment amount from 25.06.2014!

*Compassionate appointment for Bank Employees
restored from 05.08.2014!
Legal heirs can opt for either employment or ex-gratia !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A meeting of the UFBU was held at Mumbai in the AIBEA office on 7-10-2010.  The meeting was presided over by Com. Sarkar (President, AIBOC).  The meeting while taking note that the wage revision settlement has since been implemented and the process of submission of option to pension scheme is underway, had a detailed discussion on the various important issues.
1. Revised Scheme on Compassionate Ground:  The meeting was seriously concerned to observe that the revised scheme on compassionate appointments/compensation scheme as mutually discussed and finalised between IBA and UFBU is pending consideration and approval by the Government for the past 20 months.  The meeting decided that this issue should not be allowed to be delayed further and must be pursued earnestly on top priority including by agitational programmes, if necessary.

2. Staff Housing Loan:  The meeting further observed that while the Government’s earlier guidelines to the Banks on Staff housing Loan, Staff Vehicle Loan and Festival advance have become outdated due to escalation in costs, etc., the same are not being revised despite various representations.  Hence the meeting emphasized the need for early revised guidelines from the Government on these issues.
3. Pension Scheme:  As discussed in the earlier meetings, it was decided to pursue issues like improvements in pension scheme on the lines of Government scheme as amended under the 6th Pay Commission, periodical updation of pension, 100% DA neutralization on pension to all pensioners, improvement in Family pension, Ex Gratia paid to Pre-1986 retirees/their widows, etc. besides taking up the issues of pension benefit to those sections of retirees who are not presently covered by the scheme/settlement.
4. Recruitments: The meeting was perturbed to take note of the acute shortage of staff in Banks and the need for adequate recruitments to provide necessary staff in the branches keeping in view the increased workload, future requirements, programmes of financial inclusion, etc.  The meeting also demanded that such recruitments should be made through common process through revival of BSRB instead of the present bankwise arrangements through private agencies.

5. Khandelwal Committee Recommendations:  The meeting noted that as per the press reports, the Committee has made the following recommendations:
1.    To outsource all non-core jobs
2.    Direct Recruitment of Officers upto 50 %
3.    Qualification for recruitment: For Clerks : Graduation / For Substaff: 10th Std.
4.    Fresh Recruitments to be only in Rural and Semi Urban areas
5.    Appointment of exclusive Executive Director ( H R )
6.    Bankwise wage revision based on capacity to pay, profitability, productivity, etc. 
7.    Introduction of Variable Pay as a major component of wages 
8.    Introduction of cost to company concept.
9.    Review of all internal settlements on mobility and transfer of employees
10. HR Professionals to be recruited at senior/junior levels.
11. HR administration to be automated through web-based system
The meeting decided to outrightly reject these adverse recommendations as the same are anti-employee and anti-union in their content and intent.  The meeting decided that these measures should be fought back with all our strength.
6. Banking Correspondents:  The meeting took note of the plans of the Government/RBI/Banks to outsource normal banking services through private business correspondents and observed that these are nothing but attempts to casualise and contractualise regular banking jobs endangering job security besides exploitation of education unemployed youth.
7. RBI’s proposals of New Licensing policy:  The meeting took note of the recent proposals of the RBI envisaging licenses to be given to Corporates and Industrial Houses to open more Banks and to hand over RRBs in private hands, NBFCs, etc.  The meeting pointed out that these proposals are most ill-advised ad detrimental and hence need to be opposed and resisted.
Interaction with Retirees organizations:  Representatives of United Forum of Retirees organisations met UFBU during the meeting and submitted their views and suggestions on the various issues concerning the retired employees.   They sought the support of the UFBU in pursuing these issues and UFBU assured them of the same. 
Meeting with Damodaran Committee on Customer Service:  RBI has set up a Committee on Customer Service with Mr. Damodaran (former Chairman of SEBI).  This Committee had invited our unions for a discussion on 7-10-2010 and to solicit our suggestions on these issues.  Our Unions met the Committee and placed their view points.
Comrades,  it will be observed that the situation is increasingly becoming hostile and there is no alternative for us than to unitedly resist and fight back these offensives. 
Hence UFBU has decided to unleash agitational programmes shortly.

SOURCE: UFBU CIR. 10.10.10

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